Being a Berliner

Being a Berliner

Being a Berliner, and no I don’t mean being a German doughnut, is definitely a character I’d experience again. From being rejected at a popular nightclub, to drinking Hefeweizen at every other pub, and standing in awe of the neo-classical Brandenburger Tor, Berlin is a city not to be missed.

And it was with the goal of eating at least one Currywurst where our journey to being a Berliner for three days began.


Getting Around Berlin

Arriving in Berlin’s smaller airport, Berlin-Schönefeld Airport, was honestly one of the best decisions we made. I mean, after browsing the web for good travel deals, we noticed that cheaper flights would land in small airports (usually a little bit farther out of town than major airports) for decent prices!

You would think since we saved money by landing in Schönefeld that it would be a pain to get to the city, right? Well, wrong. Wrong, wrong, wrong! Schönefeld is super clean, super efficient, and super transit-friendly!

Right before exiting the terminal, there is a customer service/tourist booth where you can ask an employee how to get to your destination. We told her specifically where our hotel was, and she gave us precise directions (and a map too!) and explained to us the best route to get there. We learned that Schönefeld is connected to regional trains, the S-Bahn and buses, and a mere 10-minute walk from the terminal. In terms of location, this airport is a great spot to start a journey.

Train map of Berlin

Anyway, we bought single fare tickets (or Einzelfahrscheinfor 3.40€. We had to buy a ticket for Zones A, B, and C since Schönefeld is in Zone C, and S Anhalter Bahnhof (where our hotel was) is in Zone A along the S-45. These tickets are meant for one-way use for two hours in the city, but you can take a look at ticket prices that may suit your needs better on the official Public Transport website of Berlin. 

Finding that right spot in Berlin

There are just so many places to go in Berlin! From historical monuments, neo-classical structures, memorials, and exclusive nightclubs, this is a city that has a spot for just about anyone.

We only had three days in this eclectic and lively city, so keep an eye for our 3-day itinerary that I’ll be writing in another blog post soon!



Tresor club

Boom. Boom. Boom.  These are the words I use to describe Tresor.

I felt this place, its music, in my bones. The walls, the floors, my head—the vibration burrowed deep into my pores.

Clubs, like Tresor, are not just clubs or a one-night thing in this town, it’s a way of life for some Berliners. I mean when these clubs open at midnight and keep going until 10 am, it’s not a surprise why this would flip your entire day upside down.

What used to be an abandoned bunker, is now one of the most renowned techno nightclubs in Berlin. Tresor, one of the coolest places I visited in Berlin. Hands down. From being rejected by the bouncer, to feeling the bass deep in my bones, this is an experience that any techno-lover must try. The sweet thing about Tresor is that if you get tired of one DJ, you can go to different floors where they play different types of techno music.

I’ll be sharing a few tips on how a Vancouverite such as myself was able to get into Tresor … After being rejected that is, so keep an eye out for my first-hand experience … Coming soon!



Bier Ambulanz

I don’t think our trip to Berlin would have been as Berlin-ey if we didn’t go to a beer garden. This Bierambulanz is a must-see for anyone who loves a chill night with friends, or friendly local hang-outs. Found right next to Tresor, it’s also a great place to unwind and relax before you hit the club.

While we didn’t order food, I did see other people eating; so I’m going to assume they offer food. The service at this place is very friendly. You basically go to the counter where you order and pay for your drinks, chat with the friendly bartender for a little and boom, your drink is ready. Grab your cool beverage of choice and find a spot to call your own and enjoy the vibe!


Our first currywurst

currywurst in berlinWe did actually end up getting currywurst, and I’m a fan. My partner in crime, Rex, thought it was meh, but I’ve always been more of a fan of these kinds of snacks.

If you’re like me, I actually didn’t know what currywurst was until I started planning for Berlin. To make life easier for you, so you don’t have to go and research what it is, currywurst is basically:

  • A steamed, then fried pork sausage
  • Sausage is typically cut up in smaller pieces
  • Seasoned with curry ketchup

We stayed near the Checkpoint Charlie and Topographie des Terrors, and with only 3 short days in Berlin, we popped into the first currywurst place we saw: Curry at the Wall Berlin Mitte.

Gotta’ love them currywurst.


Auf Wiedersehen Berlin

There are many things to do, places to visit, and food to eat in Berlin. While our 3 days went by fast, Berlin left an impression on us and makes us want to travel and visit other parts of Germany. But if I had to say the one thing I loved the most? It’s the authentic German hefeweizen. Sigh, I’ll have to scour the Vancouver markets for some legit hefeweizen.

If you guys know where to get some good Hefeweizen in Vancouver, Canada … please let me know in the comments below. Prost!

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