Exploring the Heart of New York City, as a “local”

Exploring the Heart of New York City, as a “local”

Hey there, fellow travelers and food enthusiasts! Ever dreamt of experiencing New York City like a true local? Buckle up, because I’ve got a five-day itinerary that’s all about savoring every moment and devouring some of the best bites the city has to offer. From iconic spots to unforgettable food adventures, let’s dive into my NYC trip from 2023.

Day 1: Embracing the Bright Lights of Times Square and Crafting Ramen Magic

Ah, Times Square – where the city’s heartbeat is felt in every neon light. Starting off our journey, we headed straight to the renowned Ichiran NYC Ramen joint. And guess what? Luck was on our side as the wait time was surprisingly kind to us.

Now, let me tell you, customizing your ramen is an art, and we artists went all out. From the noodle firmness to the rich broth, it was satisfaction in every bowl — especially after a long flight. Oh, and did I mention the price tag? At around $22 USD, it’s a genuine steal in the city that’s known to be a bit pricey. As someone who has been wanting to try this chain for a while, I was happy with this.

Day 2: Food Galore at Chelsea Market, High Line Chill, and Hudson Yards Vibes

Chelsea Market, a foodie’s paradise! Our second day started with flavors from around the world. Imagine savoring a mouthwatering lobster roll from “Lobster Place” and tackling the crowd-favorite tacos at “Los Tacos No.1.” And guess what? We earned those bites because a stroll along the picturesque High Line was just the thing we needed next.

Hudson Yards called us for a coffee break, and let me tell you, sipping that coffee while soaking in the skyline was pure bliss. Who said being a local meant missing out on the good stuff?

Day 3: Central Park Shenanigans and Soho Shopping Frenzy

Have you ever tried running in Central Park trying to be one of those New York locals? Yeah, we did too, and let’s just say our plans shifted from running to chatting and people-watching. Next stop: Soho, where we embraced the waiting lines at Stussy and Supreme. Because being a local sometimes means waiting for those trendy pieces.

A solid 5/5 dinner at “Cho Dang Gol” wrapped up the day perfectly. Their homemade tofu? Absolute heaven.

Day 4: Chinatown Food Fiesta and Brooklyn Heights Magic

4 friends on the brooklyn heights promenade

Day four was an ultimate food adventure in Chinatown. Spicy pork and chive dumplings from “Super Taste Restaurant” kicked things off, followed by the unforgettable Peanut Noodles at “Shu Jiao Fu Zhou.” Our taste buds danced their way to Cheong Fun for chewy rice rolls. The perfect foodie crescendo before wandering Brooklyn Heights’ picturesque streets.

And speaking of charm, “L’appartement 4F” provided our caffeine fix before we indulged in coal oven pizzas at “Table 87” on Atlantic Ave. Remember to snap some pics amidst the old-school brownstones – trust me, your Instagram feed will thank you!

Day 5: Washington Square Vibes and Shake Shack Farewell

Day five had us meandering through Washington Square Park, relishing the city’s essence. Another cup of Joe’s Coffee, because hey, we’re in NYC! And of course, we couldn’t leave without paying homage to the iconic Shake Shack for lunch.



And there you have it, friends! My NYC adventure, where every step felt like home and every bite told a story. No pretensions, just pure joy and unforgettable memories. Join me in embracing the city’s warmth and vibrant energy, because being a local isn’t about fitting in – it’s about feeling the heartbeat of the city in your own way.



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